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Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011


  Commented on [Exclusivo] Novo iPhone 4 mais barato, Made in Brazil, já está pronto / Gizmodo Brasil

  "Amazon just split the tablet market with Apple. Apple will stay high-end. Every tablet maker in the middle is screwed"

  New Blog Post Book Free PDF – Practical .NET2 and C#2: I just uploaded the PDF version of the book Practical

  : há empresas delegando política+estratégia de redes sociais à galera de infraTICs

  SENSACIONAL RT : ..."Windows Phone começa a ganhar terreno, já responsável por 1/3 das vendas da htc"

  Cool article from MVP on Silverlight Best Practices: Modular Code

  Entrevista interessante sobre Internet e indústria cultural: 'Chegou o momento do contra-ataque'

  C# Advanced Threading ... : Artigo interessante, simples e util

  In other phone news, Elop says Nokia to unveil its first Windows-based smartphones (plural) this quarter.

  no wonder...RT : Apple’s iPhone 4S disappoints investors

  $35 Android Tablet, Aakash, Launches in India. Will $10 tablet be next?

  The iPhone 4S is Microsoft’s chance to catch up to Apple — and eventually trump it

  If you've never written an ASP.NET MVC app, there's a nice step-by-step tutorial here to get you started:

  Apple's Steve Jobs has passed away:

  Steve Jobs: The End Of An Era via

  An unflinching Steve Jobs obit by at the

  Discurso de Steve Jobs na Stanford University - legendas em Português

  Commented on O que aprendi com Jobs: tecnologia sozinha não é suficiente / Gizmodo Brasil

  Wozniak remembers Steve Jobs - The Washington Post

  After years of promises, Adobe has finally released a 64-bit Flash Player.

  pré-venda do amazon KINDROID perto de 250.000 em uma semana+ • hardware+software+conteúdo como serviço

  Too soon? Skillful writing, questionable taste/timing. Ryan Tate: What Everyone Is Too Polite to Say About Steve Jobs